I am going to introduce you to my Red-Lored Amazon Parrot, Gonzo. He is the mildest in temperament for an Amazon Parrot. He loves to be around humans perhaps not very cuddly, but his character outshines that. He could be very wise and it attentive whilst being spoken to. He understands you and responds to you while he’s told no longer to do something. He is just like a canine and very dependable. I am very fortunate to have an Amazon like Gonzo.

Now we’re going to talk of the genus of all Amazon parrots. There are about 30 exceptional species in the Amazon genus. They are all on the CITES index, which means that that Amazon parrots, like Macaws, Pionus, Caique parrots all covered exportation out of the wilds like Brazil, Central and South America and the likes of Mexico.

On what is called the CITES Treaty Amazon Discount coupons; CITES stands for Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna. The CITES also known as the Washington Convention became created by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. It changed into followed in 1963, the conference then opened for signatures in 1973 and entered into force on July 1, 1985.

I ask that if you do decide on an Amazon parrot be very careful as to in which you buy your Amazon from. They are an endangered species and they want to be included through people, such as you and I. That is why I tremendously propose getting a hand-fed infant or adopting an older parrot. The difference between a wild stuck and domestic parrot is the band they have on their leg; an open band method they have been taken out their u . S . Of origin and a closed band approach they have been hatched and hand-fed within the us of a you live in. Many breeders do band their babies for statistical reasons, by retaining clean blood traces and knowing which aviary the toddler came from. If a breeder does not band their babies I would be weary of that buy. Remember that if at some point positive species of Amazon’s may additionally grow to be extinct in the wild, it will be you and I who not let them be forgotten; as they may be our domestic companions.

An Amazon parrot’s life span, with them being healthful is around 50 years or even longer so long as they’ve had appropriate vitamins and were nicely taken care with their wishes in thoughts. They are a medium size chook approximately 10-20 inches from head to toe. Amazon parrots have short stubby tails. Their primary colorings are inexperienced feathers with coloring on their head and/or their face. Some can be very colourful to only a multitude of veggies.


An Amazon parrot’s weight-reduction plan, you have to be careful as they have a propensity to grow to be obese with lack of workout from being in a cage for a number of hours an afternoon. They devour seed, pellets, fruits, greens and some may additionally like human meals. I fairly endorse placing a pellet in their weight-reduction plan. It has nutrients now not discovered in seed. Fresh culmination and greens are very crucial as they include phytonutrients (antioxidant pigments), that is not observed in seed and pellets. Your Amazon needs nutritional meals and also a selection of different ingredients due to the fact as they lose interest, they need the range for psychological enrichment. Food is mealtime but it’s also playtime. Like your 12 months old toddler, mealtime is fun time. The end result and greens which are rich in nutrition A are darkish inexperienced leaf veggies, carrots (the baby ones entire), mangos and sweet potatoes. The purpose for diet enriched ingredients is because Amazon’s are prone to this deficiency. All types of end result and veggies can be fed. The fruits you could feed them are apples, pears, berries, mango, papaya, banana, grapes, oranges, tangerines, tangelos. The veggies you may feed them are entire toddler carrots (some thing they are able to play with), cucumbers, zucchini, purple peppers and chilies, even dandelion and chickweed (make sure they may be not sprayed with insecticides). Gonzo loves all nuts, though Amazons are recognized to get obese from fatty food, he also has an indulgence for tortilla chips and ramen noodles. DO NOT feed them avocado as it’s miles toxic to them. Make sure they have smooth and fresh water each day. Amazon’s like to dunk their food, so that you might also need to exchange it more than one times a day. That is to avoid any bacterial infections.

The Amazon Parrot and How They Are Amazing