Roof moss could literally eat away at your roofing shingles, taking years off the lifespan for the roof shingles. About 35% of roofs are replaced early because of a roof fungus. A well-maintained roof could save thousands of dollars on early replacement and can prolong the lifespan and appearance of your roof’s roofing shingles Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning.

Roof moss, just like every living thing, requires air, water and food for survival. The north-facing or shaded area of a roof is the ideal habitat for the moss. The northern side of your roof doesn’t receive direct sunlight, which could cause moss to die Instead, it stays cooler and holds on to water for longer, allowing moss to flourish. Moss may thrive on airborne food sources or from eating the material it is attached to for example, wood pulp that is found on cedar shingle roofs, or the limestone that is used in asphalt-style shingles.

The removal of roof moss could be risky and expensive, but with the correct roof cleaning equipment and products, you can tackle it yourself and for less than $100.00 and less than two hours of work.

Brushing or power washing the moss off your roof, without treating the roof with a reliable moss remover will result in a topical removal which means that the roots will remain on the roof, still feeding, and will soon be blooming again.

The chlorine bleach used on your roof could create more issues than it is likely to resolve. Chlorine bleach can severely dry out the surfaces it comes into contact with. If it is left on clothing for a long time it burns the fabric and similar damage could occur on roofing materials, which makes the roofing material soft and vulnerable to wind-induced damage. Chlorine bleach is also able to change the colour permanently of the roofing material.

Roof cleaning firms can remove roof moss in a safe and efficiently, if they employ an Eco-Safe product However, they generally cost anywhere between $600-1,000 for a full day’s work.

If you’re willing to wait for 90 days and you’re not afraid of climbing on a ladder until you reach the gutter’s edge then you can spray your roof with a powerful cleaner that targets only roof moss , without damaging the roofing material. The moss will become brown, and then dry out and when the rain and wind hits your roof then the dry moss will blow away or wash off on the roof.


Roof Moss – An Affordable Way to Remove It